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Desert dust

Based on the popular Howard Fogg painting of Engine #25. I emphasized the effect of a painting in oil on canvas for the background, but added a brilliant smaller close-up, too. Lots of room left for desktop items, sitting on a soft-transparent, non-distracting background...A conservative one.

Artist: SiRoGer

Following the stream

An antique lithographic sketch I found on EBay once, newly colored and turned from daylight to a night scene. The original title is "Route to California" and expressively claims the V&T being the motif. I am not sure whether the flow of the engine's headlight which I constructed is realistic - but nor is the picture itself the way it was created by the contemporary artist. Due to the black-blue colors it makes a great desktop wallpaper, however.

Artist: SiRoGer


It gives an excellent example of the fascinating preservation work that has and still is been done by V&T enthusiasts. The fun for me was to show this in stages, but in one picture. In a multi-layered picture from left to right, from realistic to artistic to digitalized the car became an artwork of it's own in a colorful beauty. You don't see the detail in the size attached, unfortunately. I have my doubts that it will appeal to a broad community of RR fans as it might be too artistic - but that is just the reason why I like it. For my desktop I made it even more abstract...

Artist: SiRoGer

Return of the legend

Inspired by a photo of a belt buckle. 3-dimensional contours in golden & black colors, the perspective of a V&T train coming out of the nowhere; I transferred the concept of the buckle image into a multi-layer collage of the same pattern picture in different colors and styles, brilliant and sharp on the right hand side (-> 'the present'), energetic in the center, photo-negative and almost ghostly on the left (-> 'the past'). I think it is a very unique one and could go for a kind of logo or key-visual of your website.

Artist: SiRoGer

Iron horses

Another black&white photo turned into a colorful screen format: Engine 17 in front of (no longer blue) blue prints of two other V&T locomotives - a technical collage, featuring symbols of the best and modern technology at their time.

Artist: SiRoGer


The composition of the well-known b/w photo of engine 26 bypassing Tunnel 1 in the -as Ted Wurm called it - "shoo-fly curve" makes it ideal for desktops with lots of icons. I recolored the cars with a touch of yellow-green, covered some landscape parts of the photo in monochrome and added instead a section of an antique map of the curved V&T track as a semi-transparent background.

Artist: SiRoGer

Double header

You, of course, recognize Howard Fogg's AFTERNOON EXPRESS, don't you? With GENOA no. 12 and RENO No.11 as a helper. For me, his painting has always been the perfect symbol for the literally 'golden time' of the V&T - and I tried to enhance this perception in another wallpaper which I planned to come in nothing but the pattern 'house colors' of the line. I reduced all colors of the original artwork to a green-scale and then added touches of golden yellow where it seemed appropriate to me. What Mr. Fogg made a sky with clouds of steam is here 'neutralized' for storing desktop icons, with just a hint of the railroad's contemporary lettering in the background.

Artist: SiRoGer

Virginia Express

The dynamic train portrait of M. Kotowski's painting and cover illustration of "THE BONANZA ROAD" gave the idea for this wallpaper. I wanted to offer Kent a broad variety of styles for different tastes, and so this one came up as a friendly, colourful, comic-style version which makes a nice contrast to the grey-scale variants.

Artist: SiRoGer


Motion in the night

Photo taken at NSRM in the dark night. Many flashes and different zoom for each flash.

Photo by: Kent K


Model Train

Artist: SiRoGer


Night train to Reno

Artist: SiRoGer


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