1873-04-25 In the News April 25, 1873 - Gold Hill Daily News

That Big Roof Job. The other day we made an item stating that John Ryno of Virginia City, was to engineer the job of putting an immense roof of corrugated iron over the extensive machine and car shop of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company, at Carson, requiring the services of twenty workmen the next three months to do it--the superficial extent of the roof being an acre. Our stating that Mr. Ryno was foreman at Gillig, Mott & Co.'s Virginia, gave some persons the idea that the firm aforesaid had the contract. Such, however, is not the case. Ryno was for years foreman of Gillig, Mott & Co.'s tin shop, but for the last three or four months has been employed at J. P. Smith's hardware establishment, Virginia. No one has the contract. Superintendent Yerington, of the Railroad Company, employed Mr. Ryno to do the job, with directions to put on as many hands as was needed. Only this and nothing more.

New Telegraph Line. - The pressure of business on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad is so great as to require additional telegraph facilities. A new line is now being constructed between Reno and Virginia City. The new line is already up between Virginia City and the Mound House. Frank Bell passed through Gold Hill, on this morning's westbound train enroute for the Mound House, for the purpose of superintending the completion of the line to Reno.

Freight. - The receipts of freight at the railroad depot, Gold Hill, since yesterday, were as follows: Two car-loads of coal. one of flour, one of Lumber, two of merchandise.

Ore Shipment. - Ore shipped to Silver City and Carson river mills since yesterday: 90 car-loads.

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