1869-11-20 In the News November 20, 1869 - Daily Territorial Enterprise

Over the Railroad. � Day before yesterday � Thanksgiving Day � a large number of citizens of this place and Gold Hill accepted the invitation of Messrs. Ball and Yerington and took a free ride over the railroad to Carson. A good time was had and the trip was much enjoyed by those who made it. The road is not yet properly ballasted, and the great excursion which has been talked of will not come off for some days, when the road will be completed and in good order. The train took down from Yellow Jacket mine to the company�s mill on the Carson River, the first shipment of ore that ever passed over the road. The first car load of ore was dumped in from of the batteries of the mill by Mr. Yerington, when the officers of the company produced an ample supply of champagne and a jolly time was had for a few minutes, when the train moved on into Carson City, where more �good time� was indulged in. The train made the return trip all right, and brought back the excursionists as sound in limb as they went down. There are many short curves on the upper part of the road and no fast running can be done until after reaching the valley of Carson.

Railroad. � The track of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad was yesterday laid up as far as to company�s workshop, in the southern part of this city. Mr. J. C. Meyers, the gentleman who has been setting up the locomotives �Virginia� and �Carson� at the workshop, where he has a short track upon which to exercise his iron horses, probably made the connection with the main line last evening. We fear, however, that the silver-bound tie and gold spike were not forthcoming.

November 20, 1869 - Gold Hill Daily News

Through to Virginia. - The railroad is finished and the cars are running through to the workshop of the Company, at Virginia, just east of the Hale & Norcross works.

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