1873-07-18 In the News July 18, 1873 - Daily Territorial Enterprise

The new lumber yard on the site ( or near it) of the old Central Mill, near the coal and tailings dumps of Parke & Bowie, is fast filling up with a fine assortment of lumber of all kinds. The shed for clear lumber is completed and filled. It is 100 feet in length by 24 feet in width. A good road has been made from D street through the yard to F street, and everything is as conveniently arranged as could be desired. A side-track from the main line of the railroad will soon be laid, which will greatly facilitates the unloading of lumber cars.

July 18, 1873 - Gold Hill News

Precautionary. - A number of persons are in the habit of depositing ignitable material in the immediate vicinity of the Fort Homestead tunnel. It is to be hoped that the city authorities will put a stop to the business, as the mass of rags and other waste material accumulating there, are liable to take fire from locomotive sparks or lighted cigars. It behooves all of our people to use the utmost care in guarding against fire in view of the present scarcity of water.

Rebuilt. - The only locomotive in the repair shop at Virginia, at the present time, is the Comstock. This engine, which was badly demolished by colliding with the Nevada, some time ago, has had to be almost entirely rebuilt. It is calculated that when she leaves the repair shop, a few days hence, she will be in better condition than ever before.

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