1876-05-24 In the News May 24, 1876 - Daily Territorial Enterprise

A Busy Road. - The whole number of trains passing over the Virginia and Truckee railroad per day at present is fourty-four. The time of nearly all the trains running between Virginia and Carson has been shortened considerably. Trains which heretofore made the trip in two hours and fifteen minutes now accomplish the same in one hour and thirty-five minutes. The company are shipping wood to Virginia and Gold Hill at the rate of 600 coords per day.

A Railroad Fence.
W. S. Wood, attorney for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company, presented a resolution releasing said company from the building of a sidewalk in the east side of D street, and along the west line of their property northward to Mill street. As the company own all the property on that side of the street, and as there are no buildings there, they claim that there is no need of a sidewalk. Instead of a sidewalk they propose to build a high board fence that will effectually prevent teams ort animals falling off the high embankment at the point named.
Alderman Pottle moved that the resolution be laid over for one week.
Mr. Wood asked that it be referred to some committee in order that the ground might be throughly examined.
It was finallt laid over.

Miscellaneous Business.
Alderman Comstock desired to have the matter of the resolution of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company reconsidered, and so moved. The motion was lost.

A New Policeman Wanted.
W. S. Wood called the attention of the Board to the trouble experienced in keeping boys off the engines and track of the railroad about the depots, and, generally, in the central parts of the city. He wished to have a regular policeman appointed to look out for that part of the town. He thought it as proper to have a regular policeman there as on C street. The boys would pay no attention to any officer of the railroad company - no more than they would to a private citizen.
The matter was referred to the Boards of Police Commissioners.

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