1875-11-24 In the News November 24, 1875 - Daily Territorial Enterprise

Freight. - The temporary freight platform of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company is constantly heaped with freight, notwithstanding the fact that persons receiving goods are requested to haul them away as soon as they arrive, as otherwise the Railroad Company will not be responsible for such as are lost or damaged.

New Sidewalk. - A piece of new sidewalk was yesterday constructed on the north side of Union street, between C and D street. It is a great convenience to persons who have business at the freight depot, or anywhere along that part of the railroad lying north of the E street tunnel.

The trestlework bridge at the north end of the railroad was nearly ready for the rails last evening. The sills are on the ground for the trestlework of the sidewalk leading to the Consolidated Virginia dump.

Narrow-Gauge Railroad. - The Virginia City Coal Company will begin the survey of a narrow-gauge railroad from their coal mine in El Dorado Canyon to this city, on the 1st of next month.

Floors were yesterday being laid in the Bank of California's building. Fitting up the interior of the first story will soon be commenced. The walls of the second story are not yet completed, but a substantial double floor has been laid in it which will protect the first story.

November 24, 1875 - Nevada State Journal

V.& T. Tickets. - Here after the passenger tickets for the V.& T.R.R. will be sold at the Central Pacific offices in Reno. All interested will call on Phillips or Coffin and get them. These young gentlemen will deal them out with politeness to all.

Damaged. - Yesterday a car load of machinery passed through Reno for the Consolidated Virginia. It was on the train that was wrecked near Verdi in the land slide, and some of it was very badly damaged. The Con. Virginia seems to be out of luck.

Cleared. - Yesterday the V.& T. boys managed to ship all of the cars out of the yard - the first time they have caught up for a long time. The rush of freight shipped over the V.& T.R.R. since the big fire has been immence, but by sending off big trains they have at last caught up, until yesterday a shipment of forty-six cars finished up.

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