1869-09-19 In the News September 19, 1869 - Daily Territorial Enterprise

Quartz Cars. - Two quartz cars, with a lot of machinery for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, passed through this city yesterday in the direction of Gold Hill.

September 19, 1869 - Carson Appeal

Opposition. - Day before yesterday grading on the V.& T.R.R. was commenced on the road leading to the west of Carson. Mr.S.A.Nevers, we understand, clamed that the road was not a country highway; that it was peivate properiy in fact, and no compensation for the use of the property had been made by the company; and endeavored to prevent work thereon by the Chinamen employed in grading. The tools of the workmen were thrown from the ground; where upon the work was stopped. Another set of men were set at work yesterday fully prepared to meet any resistance that might be offered. If any further opposition is made it will probably be done through the Court.

September 19, 1869 - Reno Cresent

V & T. R. R.

Today, September 16th, the first installment of the Virginia & Carson railroad iron reached Reno - four car loads of forty tons, and we are informed that about this amount will be received daily. If our information be correct on this point, it will require seventy-five days to deliver the 3000 tons said to have arrived in a ship direct from England, though the rails at our depot bear a striking resemblance to American iron. It matters not however, where the rails were manufactured or by whom, nor does it matter very much how slowly they arrive at Reno, unless the company make different propositions to teamsters from any yet offered. As at seventy cents per cw freight, half cash and half on four months time, the forty tons now unloading will last all winter and probably until the Sutro tunnel is completed and no call for a railroad to Carson or thereabouts. What do you think about the matter, you man of the Carson Appeal? Your ten days time has gone the way of all days, and as yet no rails laid - none on the ground. Worse, no teamsters seem inclined to load up at the terms offered, and should any be found fools enough to undertake an enterprise that smells so strong of bankruptcy, don't you think he would show less sense even than a Jamaica "nigger" or any one of the citizens of Ormsby, Lyon and Storey who object to endowing the Bank of California with all their goods, wards and merchandise in possession and in expectancy? We will tell you a secret, a financial secret, one we got from Sharon with the strict injuction that we should communicate it to no one but yourself, says Bill. Bill had just taken a glass of cronk and was somewhat exhiliarated; I'll tell you a secret of financial ruccess: use the fools. There are two kinds, fools for want of money and fools for want of sense. The first kind we bought last fall at fifty cents a head and upwards. The second class, who having money are fools for want of sense, we buy them with offices and just run things our own way. Hold, Bill, says we, do you mean xxxtimate that the possesson of money xxxof the lack of sense? Not at all, says Bill; there are plenty of men lacking both money and sense, and we often find it neccessary to buy such an one, and when we do we have to supply him with both money and office; that kind of fools are costly but very reliable. We pondered the answer whilst sipping a second glass of crook, and finally suggested to Sharon that the subject would have been clear to our comprehension had he said knave instead of fool. True, said William, but every knave is a fool and a fool for the want of sense. We are still pondering this last answer and may some day give you the result of our conjecturing. In the meantime suppose you think the matter up and see if you are governed entirely by the dictates of wisdom.

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