1873-04-10 In the News April 10, 1873 - Daily Territorial Enterprise

Off the Track. - Yesterday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock the locomotive Humboldt, while backing up to the depot in this city, with only a tender and a flat-car, got off the track just after passing over the switch in the mouth of the tunnel, a few rods south of Union street. All the wheels were off, and it looked as though it would be a great job to get the ponderous mass of iron back upon the rails with but little delay, showing that these railroad men know just how to handle their iron horses when they become skittished and fly the corse. By the accident the draw-bar - a bar of iron about two inches thick and three wide, connecting the engine and tender - was broken as square in two as though it had been sawed asunder.

Freight by Rail. - There were yesterday received at the freight depot of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company, in this city, two car loads of coal, one of oil, one of merchandise, one of potatoes, one of flour and one of eggs. The receipts of freight at the railroad depot, Gold Hill, yesterday, were as follows: Six car loads of coal, one of machinery and one of merchandise.

A Gravel Train Started. - A gravel train was yesterday set to work on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad between Gold Hill and the Mound House. The engine Ormsby was detailed for this service. the "gravel" used will probably be rock from some of the Gold Hill waste dumps.

April 10, 1873 - Gold Hill Daily News

Railroad Items. - We learn upon Inquiry, that the total cost of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, including rolling stock, amounts in round figures to $3,300,000. Of this sum $750,000 were contributed by the mines and counties along the line of the road. The cost of repairs to the track and road bed are very much above the average of any other road in the country, and in consequence of the steep grades and short curves, the wear and tear of rolling stock and iron are also very great. For the month of February the cost of repairs of engines and cars alone amounted to $19,700. The heavy expense incurred in running the road reduces the net earnings of the company to a much lower figure than the public are generally led to believe. We learn that the company contemplates laying new iron between the Virginia City terminus and the American Flat Tunnel within the next few months. The greater portion of this distance has been relaid twice already. It is to be hoped that the company will eventually be in a position to provide sleeping car accommodations on their road, which improvement will be much appreciated by the traveling public.

Spur-Wheel. - An enormous spur-wheel, manufactured at the Risdon Works, San Francisco, for the Imperial Empire Hoisting Works, arrived at the railroad depot, Gold Hill, this morning. It weighs over 21,000 pounds, and is the finest, if not the largest piece of casting, that ever came over the mountains. Gallagher thinks that 24 horses will be required to haul it up the hill to its destination.

Railroad Iron. - The Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company have experienced considerable trouble in procuring railroad iron to replace the worn out and defective rails on their road, owing to a scarcity in the market. We understand however, that they have succeeded in obtaining 800 tons from Ben Holladay, which will be a sufficient quantity for the present to place their road in excellent repair.

Freight. - The receipts of freight at the railroad depot, Gold Hill, since yesterday were as follows: Three car-loads of hay, one of lumber, one of machinery, two of coal and three of merchandise.

Wire Cable. Last evening we noticed a large quantity of the worn-out wire cable, belonging to the Imperial-Empire hoisting works, being hauled to the railroad depot, Gold Hill, for shipment to southern California, where it will be used for fencing material.

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