1872-09-26 In the News September 26, 1872 - Daily Territorial Enterprise

The Railroad Extension. - The tunnel on the northern extension of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad lacks but 100 feet to completiob, and gangs of men are at work day and night on both sides of this 100 feet of ground. The ground is so soft that it can be dug out with picks, and excellent progress is being made. The timering is of the most substantial character.

A Blast let off at the Virginia Consolidated yesterday afternoon caused a good deal of excitement in the neighborhood for a time, but no damage was done. The air was filled with fragments of rock, but all came down where they did no harm, and all being well that ends well, no one said a word, though the blast shook all that part of the city. The usual charge is from two to three kegs of powder.

By this morning's train. - going east to Virginia City, says the Carson Register of September 25, the Treasurer of the Branch Mint shipped eighteen bars of unparted gold and silver, worth together $77,141 98, of which $60,823 42 go to the credit of the Belcher mine, and the balance ,$16,318 56, to the credit of the Crown Point mine, Yesterday the Mint coined 10,000 half-dollar pieces, and received 4,188 ounces of mixed bullion, gold and silver, for melting and assay.

September 26, 1872 - Virginia Evening Chronicle

Passenger for Reno. - The large and handsome locomotive Reno has been specially set apart to swing the passenger train between this city and Reno, and Charley McCormack, one of the best and most careful engineers in the world and the oldest on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, has been assigned the post of honer, and will drive the Reno from this city with the first through passenger train next Tuesday evening.

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