1873-01-18 In the News January 18, 1873 - Gold Hill Daily News

Roads. - The roads in every direction are again in excellent condition for teaming. Since the completion of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad to Reno, however, the occupation of the teamsters who formerly freighted over the Geiger grade is gone. Few teams now pass over the road, except those of ranchmen, bringing in potatoes, hay and other produce from the Truckee Meadows, Sierra Valley and other agricultural camps in that direction. A few teams are running on the Ophir grade, bringing wood, etc., from Washoe Valley. Most of the big teams now in the country are engaged in hauling quartz from the mines to such mills as cannot obtain their support by rail.

Off the Track and On Again. -As a freight train was going down the road about 1 o'clock this afternoon, the rear car of the train jumped off the track just after passing over the high Crown Point ravine bridge. It waltzed about over the ties at a lively rate for about three hundred yards, cutting some of them up pretty badly, when it finally struck the ore switch on the Belcher dump and jumped back upon the track again, and went along just as though nothing had happened.

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