1869-12-17 Territorial Enterprise December 17, 1869 - Daily Territorial Enterprise

Railroad Time. � The News says: �In answer to many inquires, we would state that a train leaves Gold Hill for Carson every morning at 8 o�clock, starting from the Yellow Yacket dump, and from Carson about 4 P. M. Until the road is completed to the depot at Virginia City, more definite time cannot be fixed. Early in January a time table will be issued.�

Railroad Bonds. � The Storey County Bonds for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad to the amount of $300,000, bearing an interest of 10 per cent. per annum, and payable in five, ten and fifteen years from date, have been issued to the Company. The County Commissioners have done right in issuing them; they are just as good paper as there is on the Pacific coast.

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