1869-08-20 In the News August 20, 1869 - Carson Appeal

The V. & T. R. R.
- The following communication has been received at this office, by express: Editor Appeal: Your local has discovered, through the columns of a Virginia paper, that there are some iron quartz cars at Reno for the V.& T.R.R. Considering the wonderful enterprise on his part evinced in this discovery, it is not a little surprising that he should have failed to observe that a number of the same cars have been in Carson for ten days past? Probably, however, he is a better judge than your servant of the requirements of your readers. It may be more interesting to them to be informed that things which they have been looking forward to the arrival of are thirty miles distant than that there is grater pleasure in the anticipation of an event than in its accomplishment. Snap. Our correspondent is evidently a railroad man, and well informed about the affairs of the above named company. While he volunteers his aid in the wonderful enterprise evinced in the discovery referred to, we hope he will enlighten us and the readers of the appeal in relation to other matters connected with the V.& T.R.R. We are aware of there a few iron boxes, three we believe, on car wheels at the depot grounds near the mint. Also that an engine boiler is there mounted on timbers to an imposing height; from which fact we have heralded the arrival of a locomotive. But how is it that last night work was suspended on the last tunnel near virginia, as stated in the Gold Hill news of the 18th? And will he inform us of the probable whereabouts of the rails for the track? Any information in relation to these matters will be cheerfully recorded though conveyed seappiably or otherwise.

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