1875-05-15 In the News May 15, 1875 - Daily Territorial Enterprise

Railroad Smash-Up. - Yesterday afternoon about 3:30, at Merrimac Point, the engine Carson, with a wild train from the city of the Capital bound for this city, ran into a donker car loaded with iron for relaying the track. The engine and tender were thrown from the track, the former having the front end stove in. The donkey, with its freight, was, of course, badly smashed-up. No one was injured. At the place where the accident occurred neither party could see the other till too late to prevent the collision. Some of the rails, with which the donkey was loaded, were twisted into ox-bows and other curious things. The wreck was not cleared from the track till about 7:30 last evening. The 8 o'clock passenger train from this city was not delayed by the accident.

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