1872-07-19 In the News July 19, 1872 - Virginia Evening Chronicle

R. R. Fire. - As the passenger train from Carson this morning was coming through the Homestead tunnel, at Gold Hill, the engineer discovered a brisk fire burning between the track and south wall, near the middle of the tunnel. The train was stopped and the fireman went back with a bucket of water and extinguished the flames, which were caused by the burning of some old rags.

Quick Time. - The locomotive Reno yesterday made a run from Reno to Steamboat in sixteen minutes. Pat. Campbell was at the throttle and Superintendent Yerington and Paymaster Delle Crandelle were aboard.

Miraculous Escape. - As the caboose train from Carson this afternoon reached the foot of the grade, an Indian buck threw a little 7-year old Piute boy off the train between the cars, and eleven cars passed over him. Conductor Harry Shrieves stopped the train, sent a brakeman back and had the boy brought into the caboose, where his head (cut up by the wheels and brakes) was washed and bandaged, and the little fellow was as lively as a cricket.

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