#11 Reno (4-4-0)

Reno ca 1878.

Drawing by Michael Ames.

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Reno ca 1910.

Drawing by Michael Ames.

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Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia

Serial No


Empty weight 65,000
Weight on drivers 45,000
Tractive effort 11,920
Boiler pressure 130


16x24" / 56 3/4" / 34 tons




Old Tucson Studio


Reno ca 1945.

Drawing by Michael Ames.

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Photos courtesy of the
Special Collections Department,
University of Nevada,



January 13, 1872 Ordered from the Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia.
May 1872 Set up for service at Steamboat Spring.
September 15, 1872 Pulled the first true train from Reno to Virginia City.
April 27, 1873 In the Shop - The locos Reno, Virginia & Lyon are all in the repair shop of the V&TRR at present. The Reno has had her drivers turned and she has received a general overhauling and will be out in a few days to resume her place on the express train
July 2, 1974 In the Shop - The locomotive Reno has been in the shop for several days undergoing repairs. The Genoa takes it place between this city (VC) and Reno for the present.
October 24, 1874

In the Shop - The locomotive Reno, which was attached to the passenger train that ran over three cattle near Franktown on Thursday morning, has been taken to the repair shop in Carson. Both the pilot and cowcatcher were torn entirely off. The engine will receive a through overhauling and patent air brakes will be placed on the tender.

August 30, 1875

The locomotive Reno, which has been drawing the through passenger train on the V&TRR for several months past, has gone into the shops in Carson for repairs. She will be thoroughly overhauled, her cylinders will be bored out and she is to be repainted. The Genoa which has just come out of the shop, will take her place on the road.

1876 Converted from wood to coal burner.
June 3, 1877 The Lighting express train from Reno, yesterday, made mince meat of a team of horses and sawdust of a wagon a few miles below Carson. The headlight of the loco was shattered.
December 21, 1877 An article on Tom Clark, engineer of the Lighting Express shooting a dear from the train near Steamboat. "The head of the buck captured the other night is being stuffed at the market of Ingersoil & Craddock and will hereafter adorn the headlight of the locomotive Reno"
June 24, 1907 Converted to oil burner.
June 28, 1907 First trail after converting to oil burner. (July 19: Defects corrected now working first class.)
July 19, 1907 Our first oil burning engine No. 11 Pohl, engineer put on regular passenger run at 10:20 AM today.
July 1937
September 3, 1937 Was filmed between Carson City and Empire for the Universal Picture's movie "Courage of the West". Staring Bob Baker and Lois Januan.
1938 Leased to Paramount Pictures.

Named Union Pacific #41 for the movie Union Pacific.

April 1939 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "Union Pacific", starring Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck.
4 of the V&T locomotives was in this movie, #11, #18, #21 & #22.
March 1945 Sold to Loew's Incorporated (later M-G-M) for $4,500.
1947 Filmed in the MGM movie "Sea of Grass" starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.
1950 Filmed in the MGM movie "Annie Get Your Gun" starring Betty Hutton and Howard Keel.
1950 Filmed in the Lippert movie "The Return of Jesse James" starring John Ireland and Ann Dvorak.
1959 Filmed in the United Artists movie "The Horse Soldiers" starring John Wayne and William Holden.
January 1962 In TV commercial for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.
October 1963 In TV commercial for Marx Toys.
1969 Simulated the UP #119 in the Gold Spike Centennial at Promontory.
September 1970 Sold at auction to Old Tucson Studios.


1971 Filmed in the United Artists movie "Support Your Local Gunfighter" starring James Garner and Chuck Connors.
1971 In the Johnny Cash TV Show.
In CBS Production Gunsmoke.
1972 In the movie Joe Kidd, starring Clint Eastwood.
December 1975 In ABC TV movie The Young Pioneers.
June 1976 In 20th Century Fox TV movie Wanted: The Sundance Woman.
January 1977 In TV commercial for First National Bank of Seattle.
January 1977 In NBC TV series Little House on the Prairie.
February 1977 In TV commercial for Goodyear Tires.
September 1977 In NBC TV series Little House on the Prairie.
September 1977 In the TV movie The Incredible Rocky Mountain Race.
December 1977 In the TV movie Wild and Wooly.
January 1978 In TV commercial for First National Bank of Arizona.
March 1978 In Columbia Pictures TV movie Go West, Young Girl.
March 1978 In the TV series The New Maverick.
1979 Filmed in the Columbia Pictures movie "The Villain" starring Kirk Douglas and Ann-Margaret.
February 1979 In CBS TV series The Wild Wild West.
August 1979 In NBC TV series Little House on the Prairie.
September 1979 In TV commercial for Panasonic.
December 1979 In The Gambler with Kenny Rodger.
May 1980 In CBS TV series The Wild Wild West.
June 1980 In High Noon, The Return of Will Kane.
1989 Filmed in the HBO movie "El Diablo" starring Anthony Edwards and Louis Gossett Jr.
1991 Filmed in the CBS movie "Gunsmoke III" starring James Arness, Matt Mullhern, Jason Lively and Joe Bottoms. Directed by: Jarry Jamison.
1995 Damage by a fire.
1997 Restored and used in Wild, Wild West.


Builder's Specification

Specification for One Engines, Class 27 No 350
For Virginia City and Truckee R. R.         Jany 13th 1872      Drawing No. 20
Gauge of Road, 4' 8" Pumps, No. & Kind, 2 Brass
     Play, 3/4"     Tom Chamber,     "
Fuel, Wood     Bottom Chamber,     "
Boiler Material, Steel        Drawing No. 235     Feed Cook, on each side
    Diam,            "     Pipes,  Iron
    Plan,  Wagon Top      Check    "  , Copper
    Domes, One      Checks Copper
    Dome Casing, Brass Injectors, No. & Size, None
       "      Beads Iron     Steam Pipes,       "
    Mud Drum, None    Feed       "   ,        "
    Jacket, Russian Iron     Check     "   ,       "
    Jacket Bands, Brass     Check,       "
Safety Valves, M. B. Hos Lock & Balance Sand Box, Size, Large Round
    Gauge Cocks, 3     Body, Brass
        Beads, Iron
Furnance Material, Steel           Pipes, Brass Iron
    Length, 65 3/8" Cab, Blackwalnut
    Width, 34 " Pilot, Iron, Round Bars
    Depth, 65" Truck, Plan, Swing Bolster
    Chamber, None     Wheels, Diam., 26"
    Hollow Stay,   "                  Kind, Plate B. J.
   Fire Brick,    "     Journals, Diam., 4 "
Tubes, Material, Iron Copper rings, f. b. end         "        Length,  7 "
    Number, 144     Wheels Covers, Brass Pipe
    Diam., 2" Tender Plan, 8 whls.    Drawing No.
    Length, 10' 11 3/8     Frame, Square
Steam Pipe, Hot glow    Trucks,       "     Iron
Grates, Cast iron for wood     Wheels, Diam., 26"
Ash Pan, 6" Deep                   Kind, High Bidge   P. J.
Cylinders, Diam., 16"     Journals, Diam., 3 "       Axles 6' 10" long
    Stroke, 24"          "       Length,  6"
    Steam Ports, 1 1/4" x 15"     Brakes, Bolt trucks    iron brake beam
    Exhaust    ", 2 1/2" x 15"     Safety Chains, Single
    Bridge, width, 1"     Tool Boxes, Top back
    Valve Motion, Link     Tank Capacity, 2200 Gallons    40" high
    Ecc. Throw, 5"    
    Valve Travel, 5 1/8 Run Board, Wood
   Lap,  5/8" Os, 1/32 Js     Nosing, Brass
    Lead, 1/16" Steam Gauge, Brass
    Exhaust, Double     Stand,     "
    Oilers, In House Bell  " C. v. n. w. Style
    Casing, Brass Flag Fixtures, No. 1
    Covers, Brass Hand Rail, Brass
    Stm. Chst. Casing, Brass Oil Cups, M. B. Hos
       "        "    Covers, Iron Bumpers, ------------
    Piston Packing, Spring Number Plates, Smoke Box Front
Guides, Iron, Cap hardened Name and Number Reno No 11
Crossheads, Cast iron    
Rock Shafts, Wrot iron    
Engine Frame, Solid      Brass Capped Painting, Best Passenger
    Braces, Welded in    
Drivers, diam., 56 3/4    
    Centre diam., 52    
    Journals  ", 7" General Finish, No 2
         "       Length, 8"    
    Tires, Kind, Steel, All flanged,     
         "    Size, 5 x 2    
    Wheel Covers, Monogram   Head Lamp
    Throttle, Kind, Balance    
        Position Front Dome    
Smk. Stack, Kind, M. B. Co Yankee    
     Dia, Inside Pipe, 16"    
    Hight from Rail,      
    Netting, For Wood    



Kent Kristiansson Collection.
Photographer: Unknown.
Facts: Negative 3 x 5 .
Negative bought at eBay.
Virginia & Truckee (aband) 11 4-4-0.
w/2 Baggage Cars at Station; semi-distant view.
RJA 8/12/66.


Kent Kristiansson Collection.
Photographer: Unknown.
Facts: Negative 3 x 5 .
Negative bought at eBay.
Virginia & Truckee (aband) 11 4-4-0.
w/3-car Pass. Train at Station.
RJA 8/12/66.


The V&T #11 Reno arrived to Steamboat Spring from Philadelphia. 

The locomotive was build by Baldwin. The loco's had 56 3/4" drivers.

Reno was nicknamed "Brass Betsy".

Reno was used mostly for the express passenger trains between Reno and Virginia City.

#11 Reno was the V&T favorite and she was kept in polished condition her entire life. She came with brass handrails and domes. Early photos shows the brass bound cylinders. There were from time to time small changes depending what the current shop crew thought looked best.

The passenger traffic probably ended in 1878 when Miller hooks was added to the cars but not to Reno.

In her later days she was placed in Carson City and used for excursions. Reno was the last 4-4-0 of the Virginia & Truckee. She was also known as the "Brass Bound Baldwin Bantam".

Reno is today the oldest existing Virginia & Truckee locomotive.

 The 4-4-0's Nos 10 and 11 were spared the rough usage which the early moguls got because the V&T's trackage and operating practices were in much  better condition by the time the first two 4-4-0's arrived.   Also since the 4-4-0's were intended to haul the through passenger train from Carson to Reno and return, they would have been kept as fancy as possible. There was not any serious derailments or accidents involving the passenger trains.  The Inyo which was purchased as the Gold Hill switcher and only used on the passenger train if both the Reno and Genoa were out of service, was not subject to major accident situations either.


Reno photographed at Old Tucson. Photo by Chris Coscia

All the wood on Reno was burned in a fire at Old Tucson. Some information says that Old Tucson has gutted to boiler and tender of Reno, installed a diesel compressor in the firebox and large air reservoir in the tender tank.

There is a photo of the Reno on the Crown Point trestle taken by Crockwell in the 1880's. This photo shows the injector on the engineer side and the water pump on the fireman's side.

Source of information:
V&T Locomotives by Koenig, Charlie Siebenthal, Mike Collins, Bob Yager, Dale Darney, Chris Coscia.