#13 & 2nd #15  Empire(2-6-0)


Drawing by Michael Ames.

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Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia

Serial No


Class 8-26-D
Empty weight 70,000
Weight on drivers 61,000
Tractive effort 14,060
Boiler pressure 130


16x24" / 48" / 35 tons




California State Railroad Museum

This is where Baldwin changed their class codes.


1873 Built at Baldwin, Philadelphia.
1902 Converted to the Sunflower stack.
1910 Renumbered to 15 (since 13 seemed to be unlucky).
1918 Retired.
1924 Sold to Pacific Portland Cement Company, Gerlach, Nevada as #501.
1931 Last time under steam.
1938 Presented to the Pacific Coast Chapter of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society for preservation.
  Stored at Western Pacific in Oakland, California.
1966 Renovated by R&LHS.
1969 Presented to the State of California.
1980 Restored to 1873 appearance (as built) and place in California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento.


Builder's Specification

Specification for Two Engines, Class 8/26 D No 3??? See Ex. Ord. 3526  7/14/98  Boiler
For Virginia City and Truckee R. R. Co.    Oct 8th 1872      Drawing No. 2
Duplicate of 27D 15
Gauge of Road, 4' 8" Pumps, No. & Kind, 2 Brass  2 1/4" hollow plunger
     Play, 3/4"     Tom Chamber,     "
Fuel, Wood     Bottom Chamber,     "       painted
Boiler Material, Steel  See Ex.ord. 10752 - 12/11/12 - Firebox on 3    Drawing No. 235     Feed Cook, Two
    Diam,   48"     Chipped & Chalked inside & outside        "     Pipes,  Iron
    Plan,  Wagon Top    Covered with felt      Check    "  , Copper
    Domes, One      Checks Brass Casing
    Dome Casing, Brass Injectors, No. & Size, None
       "      Beads Iron     Steam Pipes,       "
    Mud Drum, None    Feed       "   ,        "
    Jacket, Russia     Check     "   ,       "
    Jacket Bands, Brass     Check,       "
Safety Valves, 1 Anderson + 1 Balance   MB+C Valves All Engines hereafter Sand Box, Size, Large Round
    Gauge Cocks, 4     Body, Iron
    Water Gauge On    Blow Off back  On Side     Beads,    "
Furnance Material, Steel, 4" Cent. to Cent.     Pipes,    "
    Length, 65 " Cab, Ash
    Width, 34 " Pilot, Iron, Round Bars
    Depth, 52 " Truck, Plan, Pony. Swing Centre
    Chamber, None     Wheels, Diam., 26"
    Hollow Stay,    "                  Kind, A. S. Taylors B. J.
   Fire Brick,    "     Journals, Diam., 4 "
Tubes, Material, Iron Copper rings, f. b. end         "        Length,  7 "
    Number, 155     Wheels Covers,  
    Diam., 2" Tender Plan, 8 wheels    Drawing No.
    Length, 10.0'     Frame, Wood
Steam Pipe, Wst Iron    Brassjoints    Trucks,  Wst Iron
Grates, Cast, Dead plate 20" front, 8" sides & back  2 Bars in each section     Wheels, Diam., 26"
Ash Pan, Double Dampers                   Kind, Plates Taylors   P. J.
Cylinders, Diam., 16      Piston Rods. Steel  2 5/8 diam.     Journals, Diam., 3
    Stroke, 24"          "       Length,  6
    Steam Ports, 1 1/4 x 15     Brakes, Double iron Brake Beam
    Exhaust    ", 2 1/2 x 15     Safety Chains, Single
    Bridge, width, 1"     Tool Boxes, Back end
    Valve Motion, Link. Valve Stems. Steel. R & L Screw.     Tank Capacity, 2200 Gallons    40" high
    Ecc. Throw, 4 " Ecc. Rods to have T ends    
    Valve Travel, 5 1/8 Run Board, Wood
   Lap,  3/4" O.S., 1/32 J.S.     Nosing, Brass
    Lead, 1/16" Steam Gauge,      "      Posts
    Exhaust, Double     Stand,     "
    Oilers, In Cab Bell  " No. 1 Iron
    Casing, Iron Flag Fixtures,    "   3 Brass
    Covers,    "     Polished Hand Rail, Brass
    Stm. Chst. Casing,    " Oil Cups, M. B. & Co.
       "        "    Covers,    " Bumpers,  
    Piston Packing, Dunbars, Inquire about packing  3/10/73 hereafter Number Plates, Brass
Guides, Steel, single bar on top Name and Number 13 Empire   14 Esmeralda
Crossheads, Cast iron   Steel Pin        #13               #14 
Rock Shafts, Wrot "   Name & Cab paint in Brass Letters
Engine Frame, Solid      Brasses Capped Painting, Wine Color
    Braces, Bolted on    
Drivers, diam., 48    
    Centre diam., 43 1/4    
    Journals  ", 6 General Finish, Good
         "       Length, 8    
    Tires, Kind, Steel. Taper tire as 8/26 C 33,     
         "    Size, Flanged 6 x 2 Main Plain 6 x 2    
    Wheel Covers, Brass Pipe   Head Light.
    Throttle, Kind, Balance    
        Position In Dome    
Smk. Stack, Kind, Yankee    
     Dia, Inside Pipe, 16"    
    Hight from Rail,      
    Netting, for Wood    



The locomotive was build by Baldwin. The loco's had 48" drivers.

The new Sunflower stack were Radley Hunter design. Baldwin furnished the guts (screens, cones, baffles etc.) The V.& T. made the shells. #12 Genoa and #13 Empire were the first to receive the new stack.

CSRM has the #13 Empire drivers painted red color, that should be from the Baldwin paint samples. The formal name of the color is Vermillion.

The Virginia's tender trucks, surviving today on No. 13, Empire, were found to be painted green with black stripes. This suggests an interesting combination of colors. It appears that green with black stripes was used on the tender frame, trucks, engine frame, &c. while the tank - and possibly the cab - was wine color.

The Empire is the only V&T locomotive that carried 2 numbers (#13 and #15).

Source of information: V&T Locomotives by Koenig, Charlie Siebenthal, Mike Collins, Dale Darney, Randy Hees, Jim "Woodburner".