#18 Dayton (4-4-0)


Drawing by Michael Ames.

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V&T Buckle

Kent Kristiansson Collection
Gift from Mr. & Mrs. Escalante



September 1873


Central Pacific Railroad, Sacramento Shops

Serial No

Empty weight 77,500 lbs.
Weight on drivers 51,750 lbs.
Tractive effort 13,170 lbs.
Boiler pressure 130 lbs.


17x24" / 58" / 37 tons




Nevada State Railroad Museum

Tender Eight wheel "U" tender, 30 inch diameter wheels
Tender capacity 2,500 gallons water, 3 cords wood
Tender weight 44,750 lbs.


Dayton with snow plow.

Drawing by Michael Ames.

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Kent Kristiansson Collection.
Photographer: Unknown.
Facts: Negative 3 x 5 .
Negative bought at eBay.
Virginia & Truckee (aband) 18 4-4-0.
Large Wedge Plow on Pilot; part of Tender visible.
RJA 8/12/66.
Photo from Dale Darney collection.


Early 1873 Ordered by Darious Ogden Mill for local passenger service.
September 25, 1873 The locomotive was outshopped by the Central Pacific Railroad Shop, Sacramento, California.
1874 Into shop for repair and modifications to free front truck.
November 13, 1874 OFF THE TRACK.
The Dayton engine left Carson yesterday morning at 10:10 A. M., and only reached Gold Hill at 5:10 P. M. The cause of the delay was, that when nearing
the scales the engine ran off the track. On her return trip she tore up the track below Silver City, and that occasioned another delay of a couple of hours.
1879 Fitted with a massive snow plow.
March 19, 1882 Derailed at Baltic Switch.
1889 6 inch air pump installed.
January 25, 1890 Derailed on American Flat.
November 1890 Rebuilt with 1/2 inch steel and 1/4 inch iron plates.
October 1895 - January 1896 Overhauled; New 2 inch tubes, 3-1/2 inch Midvale Steel Tires.
1898 American Brake Co. driving wheel brakes applied. Cost: $164.69.
March-April 1902 Received Tower Automatic Coupler, cost: $47.13.
April 1902 New Oregon Pine Pilot, cost: $97.13.
December 1902 Larger 9 1/2 inch Westinghouse Air Pump added. Cost: $267.52.
January 1903 Snow plow rebuilt. Fitted with Sunflower stack and new tender truck with 28 inch diameter wheels.
June 1905 Virginia & Truckee Railway #18.
March 1, 1908 Converted to oil. Cap Stack. Acetylene headlight. For Minden service. Capacity 1,566 gallons fuel oil. Height top of rail to top oil funnel 7 feet 7 inches.
Weight on driver 51,200 lbs., engine weight 76,500 lbs., weight tender loaded 46,000 lbs. Length overall 51 feet, height overall 14 feet.
October 1911 - July 1938 In service 97 out of 312 month. Primary as Snow Plow.
1914 I.C.C. Valuation Report. Cost new $9.706, value less deprecation $1,741. V. & T. ledger value $5,420.18.
August 1914 - January 1915 Out of service, for general overhaul.
May - December 1919 New tubes.
October - December 1924. New tubes.
January 1938 Last operation.
Jnue 9, 1938 Under option to Paramount Pictures Inc. for $125.00 per month rental
June 13, 1938 Flues expired. Stored in Carson City Enginehsouse.
August 11, 1938 Towed with main rods down to Sparks for repairs.
September 1938 Acquired without the plow by Paramount Pictures Inc. for $1,000.
October 1938 - January 1939 Filmed at Cedar City, Utah, and Canoga Park, California, as Union Pacific R. R. No. 119 for Paramounts "Union Pacific".
Early 1939 Overhauled at union Pacific Los Angeles shop.
April 1939 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "Union Pacific", starring Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck.
4 of the V&T locomotives was in this movie, #11, #18, "21 & #22.
April 18, 1939 Used at U. P. Los Angeles Locomotive Day.
April - May 1939 Headed 12,000 mile nation-wide publicity train as U. P. No. 58 for "Union Pacific".
November 1939 Filmed on Sierra R. R. as C. D. & C. G. T. Jct. R. R. Nos. 7 and 9 for M-G-M's "Young Tom Edison"
February 1940 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Young Tom Edison", starring Mickey Rooney and Gene Reynolds.
1940 Used as M. K. & T. No. 18.
April 1941 Acted in the Universal Pictures movie "The Lady from Cheyenne", starring Loretta Young and Robert Preston.
June 1941 Acted in the Republic Pictures movie "Nevada City", starring Roy Rodgers and Lana Turner.
June 1942 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Jackass Mail", starring Wallace Beery andf Marjorie Main.
August 1943 Acted in the Universal Pictures movie "Frontier Badmen", starring Robert Paige.
September 1944 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Barbary Coast Gent", starring Wallace Beery and Binnie Bames.
December 1944 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Gentle Annie", starring Dorma Reed and James Craig.
1946 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Harvey Girl" as No 18.
1947 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Wispering Smith"(1949)  as Nebraska and Pacific No 18.
1948 - 1949 Chicago Rail Fair. Used as U. P. No 18.
December 1949 New owner Paramount Pictures Corp.
1957 Acted in the Republic Picture movie "Stagecoach West" as C. & P. T. R. R.
Retubed. When not used stored covered at the U. P. Yards, East los Angeles, California.
Early 1969 Loaned to U. P. R. R. Repainted at U. P. Los Angeles Shops to U. P. No. 119,
Display beginning March 4, for several month on flat car No. 258160 in Golden Spike Expo Train over entire U. P. lines.
1969 Leased by National Park Service, Promontory Point, UT.
May 1970 On display as U. P. No. 119 at Golden Spike National Historic Site, Prometory, Utah.
September 1974 In the Johnny Cash TV show Ridin' the Rails.
1974 Acquired by the State of Nevada from Paramount for $75,000.
1976 In TV show The American Spirit.
November 1978 Returned to Carson City for restoration.
1978 - 2005 Displayed at Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City.
The Dayton is not in an operable state.
September 15, 2005 Moved to Virginia City. Displayed at Comstock History Center. 


In 1872 Master Mechanic Andrew Jackson Stevens repaired the Central Pacific #173 adding a new design. This design was later used to build #18 Dayton. Stevens supervised the building. In all 12 locomotives was built with this design.

#18 Dayton was built to burn coal and later converted for oil.

The locomotive had to be modified after it's delivery to be able to pass the curves.

The wheel base on the pilot truck is shorter on the Dayton than on the other built CP 4-4-0's that the CP was building at the time. The Dayton out pulled the V&T Baldwin Moguls, hauling eight cars up the grade instead of seven.

The #18 is one of only two Central Pacific built locomotives in existence, the other being 2-6-2T #233.

Source of information: V&T Locomotives by Koenig, Stephen Drew, Charlie Siebenthal, Mike Collins, Dale Darney.