#22 Inyo (4-4-0)


Drawing by Michael Ames.

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February 1875


Burnham, Parry, Williams & Company, Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Type 4-4-0 American

Serial No

Class 8-26 C 78
Empty weight 68,000
Weight on drivers 45,500
Tractive effort 11,705 lbs
Boiler pressure 130 lbs


16x24" / 57" / 34 tons

Usage Passenger Service




Nevada State Railroad Museum

Photo: Kent Kristiansson


February 1875 Built at Baldwin Locomotive Works. Delivered as a coal burner.
1877 Air brakes installed.
April 6, 10&11, 1901 New stack. (From shop time book.) The new stacks were Radley Hunter design. (Sunflower)
Baldwin furnished the guts-(screens, cones, baffles etc.) The V.& T. Made the shells.
June 1905 Virginia & Truckee Railway #18.
December 1910. Eng 22 was converted from a wood burner to oil.
September 9, 1926 Retired and used to pick parts from.
March 1937 Sold to Paramount Pictures for $1,250.
August 1937 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "High Wide and Handsome", starring Randolph Scott and Irene Dunne.
December 1937 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "Wells Fargo", starring Joel McCrea and Frances Dee.
July 1938 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "The Texans", starring Randolph Scott and Joan Bennett.
April 1939 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "Union Pacific", starring Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck.
4 of the V&T locomotives was in this movie, #11, #18, "21 & #22.
February 1940 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Young Tom Edison", starring Marx Brothers and John Carroll.
December 1940 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Go West", starring Mickey Rooney and Gene Reynolds.
September 1941 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Honky Tonk", starring Clark Gable and Lana Turner.
October 1941 Acted in the Columbia Pictures movie "Texas", starring William Holden and Glenn Ford.
May 1943 Acted in the Columbia Pictures movie "The Desperados", starring Randolph Scott and Glenn Ford.
May 1943 Acted in the United Artists movie "Buckskin Frontier", starring Richard Dix and Jane Wyatt.
April 1944 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "The Story of Doctor Wassell", starring Gary Cooper, Diana Barnmore and Loraine Day.
November 1944 Acted in the M-G-M movie "Meet Me in St. Louis", starring Judy Garland and Margaret O'Brien.
January 1946 Acted in the M-G-M movie "The Harvey Girls", starring Judy Garland and John Hodiak.
April 1946 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "The Virginian", starring Joel McCrea and Brian Donlevy.
1946 Acted in the movie "Duel in the Sun", starring Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones.
September 1948 Acted in the United Artists movie "Red River", starring John Wayne and Montgomery Cliff.
1948 Acted in the Walt Disney movie "So Dear to my Heart", starring Burl Ives and Beulah Bondi.
February 1949 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "Wispering Smith", starring Allan Ladd and Robert Preston.
February 1949 Acted in the 20th Century Fox movie "Fighting Man of the Plains", starring Randolph Scott and Jane Nigh.
July 1949 Acted in the Columbia Pictures movie "The Dolins of Oklahoma", starring Randolph Scott and George Macready.
1949 New owner Paramount Pictures Corp.
August 1951 Acted in the Paramount Pictures movie "Warpath", starring Edmond O'Brian and Dean Jagger.
June 1952 Acted in the Warner Brothers movie "Carson City", starring Randolph Scott and Raymond Massey.
1965 TV star in Wild Wild West.
1968 Repainted as Central Pacific's Jupiter for the Gold Spike Centennial in 1969.
1969 Leased by National Park Service, Promontory Point, UT.
September 1974 In the Johnny Cash TV show Ridin' the Rails.
1974 Acquired by the state of Nevada for $75,000.
1976 In TV show The American Spirit.
November 1978 Back in Carson City at the Nevada State Railroad Museum.


Builder's Specification
Baldwin Locomotive Works
page 140 of Vol 7.

Specification for One Engines, Class 8/26 C      No 78
For Virginia City and Truckee R. R.                 12/19/1874                                               Drawing No. 2
Gauge of Road, 4 Ft. 8 In.          Play  3/4 In. Pumps, Kind, 2, Brass       Position. R. and L.
Fuel, Wood     Top Chamber, Brass           Bottom Chamber. Brass
Boiler Material,   Steel   Bay State 5/16"    Bill 77     Feed Cook, Double                 Feed Pipes. Iron
    Diam,   46"     chipped & chalked inside & outside      Check,  Brass Case   Check Pipe. Copper
    Plan,  Wagon top, covered with felt Injectors, Kind, None    Size. ---             Position.  ---
    Domes, No. One               Position.  Over Fire-box     Steam Pipes, ---        Feed Pipes. ---  Overflow.  ---
    Dome Casing, Brass                    Beads.      Iron     Check, ---        Position. ---       Pipe.  ---
    Mud Drum, None    
    Jacket, Russia iron    Bands. Brass    
Safety Valves, 2 B. L. W. Lock, 1 with relief    
    Gauge Cocks, No. 3                    Position. Back Sand Box, Size, Round,   27
    Glass Gauge,  With     Body, Brass        Beads.  Iron     Pipe.  Iron
    Surface Cock, None Cab, Ash, painted      E.d. 12/19
    Blow Off Cock,  B. L. W.                Position. L. Side Pilot, Iron, round bars
    Fire Door,  Round                          "       For Wood     Bumpers, Wood
    Cleaning Plugs,  Brass                            "       Corners    Bu,ping Blocks,  Size. ---     Apart. ---     Hgt. above Rail. ---
Rigid wheel base 8' 0"     Pulling Castings, ---             Cen. above Rail. ---
Total       "     " 21' 9"     Pushing Shoes, none          Steps. none
Furnace Material, Steel    
    Length, 65"              Width. 34"            Depth.    
    Chamber, None Truck, Plan, 4 Whl, Swing bolster & rad. bar
    Hollow Stays, None     Wheels, Kind, Plate, b. t.     Diam.  24"    Taylors
    Crown Bars,   Regular      Bolts, 7/8"  Taper heads     Journals, Diam., 4 "             Length. 7 "
    Fire Brick, None     Wheels Covers, Brass pipe
    Stay bolts 4" cen. to cen.    
Tubes, Material, Iron Copper rings, f. b. end - xxxdg.    
    Number, 144         Diam.  2"           Length.  10' 10 3/4" Tender Plan, 8 whl.    Drawing No. 90
Steam Dry Pipes, Wrt iron     Frame, Wood
Grates, Plain bars     Bumping Blocks,  Size. ---     Apart. ---     Hgt. above Rail. ---
Ash Pan, Double dampers    Trucks,  Sgr. iron
        Wheels, Kind, Plate b. t.     Diam. 26" Taylor's
        Journals, Diam., 3 "             Length. 6"
Cylinders, Diam., 16"      Stroke  24"     Safety Chains, Single           Beam. ---
    Steam Ports, 15" Long.            1 1/4" Wide.        1" Bridge.     Brakes, Double   - Iron beam
    Exhaust    ", 15" Long.            2 1/2" Wide.            Tool Boxes, Top                 Wood, hereafter 6/22/76
5 " Travel.           3/4" Lap.     1/10" Lead.
    Tank Capacity, 2200 Gallons,  40" high
    Ecc. Throw, 5"    
    Exhaust, Double    
    Oilers, In Cab    
    Casing, Brass             Covers.    Brass Run Board, Wood     Nosing. Brass
    Stm. Chst. Casing, Brass              Beads,    Brass     Lamp Shelf, Wood     Nosing. Brass
    Piston Packing, Spring     Head Light,  23" reflector, to burn Kerosene         Corner ???
        Flag Fixtures, no 1.                                                     adams
    Steam Gauge, Brass     Stand, Brass                       
Guides, Iron casehardened Clock, None
Crossheads, Cast iron Bell  Stand, Brass colms?? No. 3
Rock Shafts, Wrought iron Hand Rail, Brass
Engine Frame, Solid      Braces. Solid Oil Cups, Rod. B. L. W.     Guides. B. L. W.
Drivers, diam., 57"   Centre Diam.  52" Number, 22
    Journals,      8" Long.         Diam. 7" Name, Brass Plate Letters in Cab Panel INYO
    Tires, Flanged, Position. all          Kind. Steel           Size. 2 " x 5 "    
        "     Plain,      "      ---              "      ---                "    ---    
    Wrist Pins,  Steel               tires 3/16" taper                                       
    Stub Brasses, Capped Painting, Style 1, Wine color
    Spring Staples, Cast Iron  
    Wheel Covers, Brass Pipe  
    Brake, {see extra ord. 275  None  
    Throttle, Kind,     Balance                Position.   Dome General Finish, B5
         "      as Genoa, 8/26 C 33 page 150, previous book
Smk. Stack, Kind, Bonnet                  Diam. Inside Pipe.  16"    
     Hight from Rail,                              Netting.    For wood     





#22 Inyo was acquired for passenger service and used as the primary locomotive for the express trains 1 and 2 between Virginia City and Reno. Inyo was nicknamed "Brass Betsy".

#22 has the old style with the handrail stanchions mounted vertically on horizontal supports which extend out from the boiler jacket.

After her years at Virginia & Truckee, Inyo stared in more than 20 movies.

Source of information: V&T Locomotives by Koenig, Charlie Siebenthal, Dale Darney.