#27 (4-6-0)


Drawing by Michael Ames.

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Photo: Kent Kristiansson

Summer 1980

Number 27 on display in Virginia City.





Baldwin Locomotive Works

Serial No

Empty weight 121,000
Weight on drivers 100,000
Tractive effort 22,400
Boiler pressure 190


18x24" / 56" / 61 tons




Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City


March 14, 1913 Delivered to Virginia & Truckee.
1940 Fitted with steel cab (from Southern Pacific #1458).
1948 Retired due to boiler permit had expired.
May 2, 1950 #26 was destroyed by fire. #27 was granted authority to run for the last days of the V&T.
May 31, 1950 #27 pulled the final Virginia & Truckee train from Minden to Reno.
June 3, 1950 After final duties she was left in the engine house in Reno.
1951 Was filmed on V&T for the Columbia Pictures movie "Roar of the Iron Horse", staring Jock O'Mahoney and Virginia Herrick.
1955 Place on display along highway 395 on the north edge of Carson City with a baggage car and combine #18, formerly a coach.  
between 1960 - 1963 The combine was burned by vandals or itinerants.
1963 Place on display at Carson City airport.
1971 Moved to the corner of E and Union Street in Virginia City.
today Located at the Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City.


#27 never got any name. As of today it is not operable.


Source of information: V&T Locomotives by Koenig, Hart Corbett, Michael Ames.